Leelee Sobieski on Eyes Wide Shut: 'Even As a Little Kid, I Could Feel It'


We continue our celebration of the 10th anniversary of Eyes Wide Shut with these recollections from another cast member: Leelee Sobieski was only 13 when Stanley Kubrick cast her as the daughter of creepy costume shop owner Mr. Milich, who offers up her sexual services to Tom Cruise's Dr. Harford in a disturbing sequence that bore all the hallmarks of the Kubrick rubric. At the Public Enemies premiere, we asked Sobieski to reminisce about the experience. Battling to be heard over the screams of fans greeting the arrival of Johnny Depp, the actress recalled the director as being the most "open I've ever worked with ... even as a little kid, I could feel it."

The video is after the jump.

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