Rose Byrne: Star Wars TV Show To Be a Family Drama


In sitting down with Rose Byrne recently, the Australian star of Damages and Fox Searchlight's Adam, we couldn't resist asking about her involvement in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones, in which she played Dormé -- the only of Princess Amidala's handmaidens who survives past the first scene. And having broken news about it before, we thought we'd press her a little further for details about the live-action Star Wars TV series that's long been buried under a Jedi cloak of secrecy -- and we're glad we did! The conversation is after the jump:

I read somewhere that most of your fan mail addresses a small part in a George Lucas movie?

Yeah! It's incredible. You get fan mail for Damages, but it's almost all Star Wars people. It's amazing. Just because my role is so small -- I'm literally like an extra in that film. But the fanbase is just out of this world. No pun intended. But it's mind-boggling, myself not knowing the feeling of having such a fanship of something, I suppose. Yeah, I still get Dormé headshots. It's hysterical.

How did he discover you for that part?

Well he was filming in Sydney, and he had a great casting director who watched every Australian film under the sun to get Australian actors in. I'm sure they probably have to have a percentage of actors who are Australian for tax reasons. So I auditioned for this woman, who really did her research.

Word is that he's developing a live-action Star Wars TV series now.

Yes! A friend of mine is actually one of the writers on the show. It's set in space. I think it's like a family drama, as well, or something? I think he melted a few idea together for it.

Has he tried to convince you to come aboard?

I haven't had any calls about it yet! I think it's a ways away from production, perhaps.♦


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