The Hangover - Gay Panic = Dude, Where's My Car


If you walked out of The Hangover -- Warner's $200 zillion comedy blockbuster about three friends bound by their inability to remember how they lost a tooth, a groom, and a Mercedes during one fuzzy night in Las Vegas -- and yourself felt the tickling of a faint, recessed memory, that might be because the film owes much of its central premise to Dude, Where's My Car.

We've mentioned as much, but now, thanks to the same inspired video agitator at College Humor who brought us My Favorite Movie (Star Trek vs. Star Wars), we bring you Deja View: Dude, Where's My Hangover? -- a side-by-scene, scene-by-scene comparison. Swap tigers for ostriches, margarine-spokesmen for Heavyweight Champions, missing teeth for confusing tattoos, and you basically have the same movie.

Except, of course, where the whole gay thing comes in. As while Hangover's comfort levels with the idea of man-on-man intimacy is limited to mincing Asian gangsters and calling each other "faggot," Dude barely blinks an eyelash as Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott dive into a surprisingly deep and passionate kiss during a game of road chicken with Fabio. The scene, if you've forgotten or never seen it at all, is here.


  • jackvinyl says:

    Can't wait for Kristy Swanson & Heather Graham in part three. Throw in Zachifiniakis, a chimpanzee shooting the finger & a cameo from Corey Haim and I'll pop the corn.