Sacha Baron Cohen Shares Terrorist-Casting Tips with David Letterman


If you remember David Letterman's visible ambivalence about interviewing Borat in 2006, it makes all the more sense that Sacha Baron Cohen would return to The Late Show last night in a rare promotional appearance as himself. And while I suppose the star could just have easily have shared his Brüno war stories in character as the flamboyant Austrian pseudo-star, let's face it: There's really no substitute for the more relaxed, down-to-earth details of how exactly to nab a terrorist for your summer blockbuster.

The bit below doesn't spoil too much about one of Brüno's more treacherous stunts, which turns out to have been perhaps the first diplomatic mission to involve the CIA, a suicide-bombing faction and Enrique Iglesias's bodyguard ("He would have taken a bra for me"). The comic was rewarded with even more precious commodity of Letterman's sincere laughter -- not to mention, I'm sure, the everlasting chagrin of Conan O'Brien, who got little out of his own Baron Cohen interview but awkward jokes and the lingering smell of Brüno's thong on his expensive suit. Next time, Conan. Next time.

· The Late Show [CBS]

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