The Michael Jackson Comeback That Wasn't Meant To Be

Photos have begun circulating, on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 blog and elsewhere, of the final dress rehearsal at the Staples Center for Michael Jackson's This Is It comeback tour.

In them, the performer looks utterly revitalized and happy. In one, he wears a formfitting lounge-lizard suit and points to a spot in the distance; in another, the singer just smiles broadly in a translucent purple slicker shirt. In another, he strikes a classic pose with arms outstretched in the air, his background dancers frozen in Fosseian forms. And in a final picture, he wears the iconic fedora and a matching, yellow-and-black pinstripe blazer with pointed lapels.

· Photo Gallery: Michael Jackson at one of his last rehearsals [ac360]

· Michael Jackson's Final Rehearsal Pictures [JustJared]


  • Pamela Strangeways says:

    I've got lot's of MJ love. But that "smiling broadly" picture is a little too Paula Abdul for my taste.

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