Buzz Break: McDreamy Pour Homme


· Have you grown tired of wearing Patrick Dempsey's last signature fragrance, Unscripted? Good news: He's launching a second, called simply, Patrick Dempsey 2. He explains: "I thought, why don't we just go with '2′ and make this about being a couple."

· Dimension is negotiating rights to a remake of An American Werewolf in London, John Landis confirms to Bloody Disgusting. Also: "Despite Michael's tragic death, the Thriller lawsuit continues."

· Gossip Girl / rumored foot-fetish-sex-tape star Leighton Meester is in Cobra Starship's new video, in which she breaks the cardinal Music Video Starlet-Eye-Candy Rule: Thou shalt not sing.

· Liza Minnelli gave French gays the thrill of their lives yesterday, riding a float in Paris's gay pride parade. Here's video of her commemorating the 40th (she says 50th) anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. That Liza Mee-neh-lee -- does she know her audience or what?

· Next in the Oscars firing lane is Best Song category, of which head of the Academy's music branch Bruce Broughton said, "We're trying to improve the quality." That basically means that any song not to earn a minimum 8.25 score from music guild members will not be eligible. It's getting hard out there for a shmaltz-writing pimp.


  • Furious D says:

    1. Oh, it's Patrick Dempsey cologne! Damn, I got talked into buying Jack Dempsey cologne, and now I smell like a boxer after 12 rounds.*
    2. An American Werewolf in London remake is destined to be as memorable as An American Werewolf in Paris. At least we can take comfort that the Weinstein Co. is broke, and highly unlikely to actually go through with it. And you gotta love Jacko, his legacy of litigation will continue to make lawyers happy for years.
    3. I thought the cardinal rule was Thou shalt not appear in a Cobra Starship video.
    4. And the French gays said: "Sacre bleu, zee Liza eempersonator has let 'imzelf go."**
    5. My suggestion is to eliminate all categories, and move it from that fancy Kodak Theater to THUNDERDOME! There nominees will duel to the death to see who wins in their categories.
    *Reference no one will get alert. Dennis Miller Class 3.
    ** That's how French people really talk.