More Than Meets the Eye

Wow. That was some kind of week. Three of the year's biggest news stories landed on our desks in quick succession -- but not even Gooby can prepare you for the crushing grief of Michael Jackson's demise. Reflect with us after the jump.

· Michael Jackson passed away at 50. Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon waited up for him en route to St. Peter.

· Where to even start regarding the madness that was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen? Maybe from inside Michael Bay's gala L.A. premiere? Surely no discussion would be complete without some reviews for better or worse. And anyway, who are we kidding? Everything always comes back to Flower Boy anyway.

· But you know what movie could really use a couple of jive-talking Autobots? Gooby.

· We'd like to thank Kathryn Bigelow, Davis Guggenheim, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, Kerry Washington, Anne Fletcher, Stephen Dorff, Nicholas Jasenovec, Shawn Hatosy, Bo Burnham and Havana Marking for all stopping by to sign our guestbook this week.

· The Oscars shockingly expanded their Best Picture category to 10 nominees. While Academy president Sid Ganis explained to us what it all meant, we got to work parsing the biggest beneficiaries -- both past and present -- of the big new change.

· Zombies attacked this week's One-Page Screenplay, Tips on Suicide Notes, by Michael France.

· New Inglourious Basterds, The Box, The Last Airbender, and World's Greatest Dad trailers all faced down our Two-Minute Verdict. Meanwhile, a bunch of spoiled Euros got an advance look at Avatar. Jerks.

· The odds got slimmer every day for Steven Soderbergh's adaptation of Moneyball, but at least we can always look forward to David Fincher's Facebook movie.

· OK, Nikki, were outta here. Hope you don't mind locking up. Have a great weekend, everybody!