Les Moonves To Crush NBC Like Helpless Insect


· CBS has launched Project LENO ("Late prime Enhanced News Opportunity" -- hee hee!), which involves sending "tool kits" to affiliates to promote the scripted programming they hope to crush NBC with. May we suggest brochure Selling Sex: David Caruso, the Exotic Ginger Hunk of 'CSI: Miami' is as good a starting place as any? [Variety]

· Paramount purchased spec script Hellified, a "supernatural action movie involving a journey to hell" to be produced by Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, and featuring two bumbling, illiterate and jive-talkin' Satan's minions named Thugzebub and Haylllll No. [THR]

Later in Hollywood Ink ... Valentine's Day is full of Grace ... mutated Spaniards board the USS Drake ... Seven of Nine becomes Best Out of Five...

· Focus Features is taking over distribution of '60s British pirate radio comedy The Boat That Rocked from Universal, which was panned by critics and tanked overseas. The release is being pushed to November from a planned August 28, which should give them just enough time to edit it down to a shorter not-funny movie. [Variety]

· Topher Grace, Emma Roberts and Hector Elizondo have joined the cast of Valentine's Day, the New Line ensemble romantic comedy Katherine Heigl priced herself out of by demanding a paycheck of eleventy bazillion dollars. [THR]

· Jeri "Seven of Nine" Ryan has joined the cast of TNT's Leverage. She plays a "smart-ass, street-wise con woman" named Tara, who joins the Robin Hood crew and helps bring down corporate criminals. [THR]

· Columbia is developing video game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune into a feature film. It revolves around a treasure hunter who fights off mutated Spaniards and Nazis in a hunt for El Dorado, making it not unlike the earlier episodes of I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!. [THR]


  • Furious D says:

    1. Don't forget the sunglasses, and the fine art of taking them off and putting them on again.
    2. Trust me, if it's a Paramount film, it's also going to be produced by Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, he's literally carrying the studio. Plus, Hellified will only work if they cast David Caruso as a Ginger Satan.
    3. Maybe the re-edited version should be called the Movie That Sank.
    4. Plus all those actors are sharing the trailer that was originally built for Heigl's ego, and it's still plenty spacious.
    5. Borg-o-licious.
    6. I hate it when Nazis spoil my hunt for El Dorado. The mutated Spaniards are okay, they know how to party. Plus they'll eat Heidi and Spencer.