Our Commenters of the Week are Crazy Michael Jackson Fans


Usually, the award for the five best commenters of the week would go to our wittiest readers, and sure enough, they were in fine form this week.

But you guys. Let's talk about the crazy Michael Jackson commenters who showed up yesterday, OK?

I mean, no matter what, it's a sad thing that the man died, and certainly, I don't want to indicate that every Michael Jackson fan is cray-cray in the head-head, but the ones that are were certainly commenting a lot yesterday! Thus, today's five best comments are the enthusiastically semi-literate ones that your editors passed around in disbelieving IMs. You must admit, they are kind of epic.



Commenter name: JERRY V


Commenter name: Louis Nez

Well i think it is a bad news.It might be a problem with his nose and

color.The effect of turning white is the problem his been suffering

from.He forgot he was black and made himself so disgusting.I hope he

can survive this and come back as a black.Holy shit........

Commenter name: Raphael Dee

He has join the legendery club, Bob Marley welcomes him with a smile

and a special hug. Please dont cry.

Commenter name: Mac-Godwin Obi, Cote d'Ivoire

jackson lives on, jackson can not be dead.no no no no no well i feel so

sad about it .am crying here for him but i cant stop loving him cos is

my father

Commenter name: mr send d money

Trust us, there were eight thousand more where that came from. We're still stuck on one that read, "This is gbastical , too real to be true." Someone, anyone, please explain what "gbastical" was supposed to be. We're at a loss.

Bee-tee-dubs, unless Elizabeth Taylor is charged with murder or something, we don't plan to cover autopsy results and whatnot this weekend. So, open thread! Talk amongst yourselves.


  • stolidog says:

    Raphael Dee Dummy.
    The autopsy will just show us the sad truth, while the testimonials of all those little boys from the past that signed confidentiality agreements for hush money will be epic.

  • icallthebigonebitey says:

    Not trying to take away from the hilarity (weirdness?) of a lot of those comments yesterday, but I was wondering how many of those were posted by people whose first language is not English? That may account for some of the "cray-cray". I'm pretty sure if I tried to post about, oh, I don't know...let's say Scott Caan in Tagalog or what have you, it would translate into something that would get me arrested.
    But anyway, snaps and big ups to Jerry V and the rest of the MJ Crew.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    I nominate this comment from "Paul" >>> "lots of mess will ensue"
    Not crazy, just so very true.

  • FrancoisTrueFaux says:

    Is it too late to nominate Liza?

  • NoWireHangers says:

    Yeah, what Bitey said. Seems you've got readers in Ivory Coast for some reason. MJ knew how to heal the world so that might be it.
    ALSO! You should read Liz Taylor's statement on MJ's passing. It's beautiful and fabulous and crazy in a glittering gleaming starry way.

  • Inhaler says:

    The world has lost a Smooth Criminal this week.

  • raincoaster says:

    The fact that someone is ESL does not disguise the fact that someone is stupid/crazy. There are stupid/crazy people all over the world, trust me.
    Also: “gbastical” is now my favorite word. Evar.

  • Kittenhead says:

    Ugh. Reading the comments from these wretched Jackson Fans makes me wish--yet again--that ignorance was searingly painful.
    Or, better yet, fatal.

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Gbastical. Gbastical. Gbastical. Can't stop saying it. It now replaces "Blartastic" in my lexicon. Thank you, nameless foreign grieving person. You are too real to be true, too.

  • el smrtmnky says:

    i'm totes loving 'cray-cray'

  • Brilliant Orange says:

    I vote for myself, just as I did in the high school presidential election that I lost.