Buzz Break: The Fox Hunter Becomes the Hunted


· The 11-year-old who notoriously attempted to give Megan Fox a yellow rose has been found! He is a Brit named, uh, "Harvii" (is this an alien name?), and his Facebook interests include "fashion...going to my friends hse...spending money lol." Congratulations, "Harvii," the world is ready for a new Susan Boyle to wear out!

· Speaking of Le Renard, here is an interview with Megan Fox's stunt double.

· Ugh, why was Shia LaBeouf so damn cute on the Today show this morning? Swoon. That is my completely professional opinion.

· Good news, all you Marlon Brando/Jackie Kennedy fanfiction writers: Your dreams have come true!

· Lou Diamond Phillips won The Heidi and Spencer Show. Yay!


  • Furious D says:

    1. I can tell you exactly what was going through that kid's mind at that moment: "Wait, this isn't Angelina Jolie? Sorry, my bad."
    2. Now all Fox needs is an interview double make her sound remotely intelligent.
    3. The cuteness is only in relation to his proximity to Kathie Lee.
    4. The scary part is that she seduced him during the "fat" years.
    5. Congratulations Lou. The grand prize is a contract for an NBC series, and the right to hunt Heidi and Spencer for sport with a high powered rifle. (Which will become it's own series called Empty-Head Hunters)

  • icallthebigonebitey says:

    Kyle, I can answer your question about Shia. Obviously he has put a Cajun-gypsy hoodoo love spell on America, and you've fallen for it hook, line and twink-er.
    Harvii [sic] was being ironic about his passion for fashion, right? He's dressed exactly like me when I was eleven, true. But I was eleven in 1986.
    Can we start a thread where everyone posts what their Facebook page would've looked like at age eleven? Mine would've been littered with references to Diff'rent Strokes and Canadian power pop band Glass Tiger.

  • dollywould says:

    I would have scored "Joe" on the "Which New Kid on the Block will be your husband?" quiz, and "Expert" on the "How well do you know Debbie Gibson?" quiz.