EXCLUSIVE: Shawn Hatosy On Playing Good Lieutenant to Nic Cage's Bad Lieutenant In Herzog Redo


The last of the John Turturro headshots and trampled Bad Boys 2 DVD cases had barely been swept away before Westwood Village played host to another red carpet event of epic proportions: LAFF's Centerpiece Gala screening and the L.A. premiere of Michael Mann's period gangster drama, Public Enemies.

Stars Johnny Depp (who spent a long while signing autographs for fans corralled behind cattle-guards), Christian Bale and Marion Cotillard were all in attendance, though coasted past us in spite of our best efforts at shouting their first names repeatedly while waving our thoughtful gift of a single, long-stemmed yellow rose.

We did manage to get a few of the film's stars to talk to us, however, including the gracious Shawn Hatosy, who next appears in the Werner Herzog bafflement, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. We pressed Hatosy for a behind-the-scenes anecdote or two about crack-pipe malfunctions or iguana interrogations gone bad, but he had nothing but high praise for co-star Nic Cage and Werner.

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  • Juancho says:

    Shawn Hatosy playing another cop, he's getting typecast. Whatever. Southland is one hell of a good show.