Buzz Break: Joe Jonas Falls Victim to Vindictive Headwear Stylist


· After bleeding some of their cred by featuring a foundation-heavy American Idol also-ran on their last cover, Rolling Stone reestablishes themselves as the rock journal of record.

· Phil Spector has requested a TV, an iPod, and Internet in prison -- all of which will give him unfettered access to Jon & Kate Plus 8, thereby rendering the Kate Gosselin-inspired assymetrical wig he's meticulously styling out of a mop that much more authentic.

· A debate has erupted in Twitter's Grumpy Film Bloggers forum over a Slashfilm post titled "The Works of Sam Mendes." This might be a good time to make Movieline's advertorial policy clear: We would never sell ourselves out for anything less than the GNP of a small country.

· Find yourself somehow paying to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen against your will? Pretend your infant child directed it, or anything else on this list of suggestions to help you salvage the experience.

· The Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers is continuing his crusade to bring drunken bar brawling to the world's airports.


  • el smrtmnky says:

    i guess he's wearing his Cruising halloween costume

  • bess marvin, girl detective says:

    The Jonas to the far left look like he's about to shit an Olsen twin. Hold it, hooooold it...

  • He's so clearly the Fredo of this outfit. "How does that sound? My younger brother's are sexier than me? I can be sexy. I'm not stubby, like everybody says." You know the others are looking at each other thinking "I don't want a thing to happen to him as long as our mother is alive".

  • Furious D says:

    1. If it wasn't for people complaining about the cover pics, I would have forgotten that Rolling Stone was still in business.
    2. All I can say is that the prison choir better be on key, or someone's gonna get shivved.
    3. Now would I sell out for any price. BTW Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is the greatest film of all time, and Michael Bay is the greatest director of all time, and I'm saying that from the heart, and not because of my brand new Cayman Islands bank account.
    4. I have a great excuse: Michael Bay paid me.
    5. Rhys Meyers, you are a disgrace to drunken Irish stereotypes! You assaulted one puny little lounge employee, and a French one at that? Come on! Grow a pair and take on a pack of British Football fans, or at least some sailors on leave. That's what a real Irishman does when he's liquored up and violent.

  • icallthebigonebitey says:

    Just as the anonymity of the internet allows me to declare my love for that ubiquitous Miley Cyrus ballad without fear of public humiliation, I must also confess to having fallen under the spell of one Kevin Jonas. Yes, much maligned, forgotten Kevin Jonas. I have no idea what a Jonas Brothers song sounds like, I just want to brush his hair and help him pick out vests. He's the sexy one you guys!
    And the gay one. The one -- ONE! -- time I saw him interviewed, a change purse, a Fendi clutch, and an Ann Taylor Loft bag spilled out of his mouth in one fell swoop. So that's how I knew.

  • Seth Abramovitch says:

    You guys would make a cute NAMBLA couple.

  • icallthebigonebitey says:

    Seth, if there's chest hair on the playing field, I'ma hit that, okay?
    And I'm only 34! Don't hate!
    By the way, I just saw the Shawn Hatosy post and refrained from writing anything lascivious, so be glad. Baby steps.

  • Seth Abramovitch says:

    Wow -- now HE'S wearing the hat. It's like a communicable fashion disease.

  • Colander says:

    Your past love for the tree outside David Archuletta's window is what makes me feel okay thinking the JoBros are at least photogenic.
    I say that with honor and respect.

  • icallthebigonebitey says:

    OH SNAP! 🙂

  • Inhaler says:

    Joe Jonas is sporting the gayest accessory I've seen since John Travolta decided to grow a goatee.

  • FrancoisTrueFaux says:

    It's like they told him to prove he's a man, and he shows off his adam's apple.

  • Holla says:

    Joe can go ahead and wear a pile of dogshit on his head. He'll still be awesome; and their new album's damn good too. Why are we letting their wonderfulness go to waste on kids, again? Damn shame, and no joke.