Why Was Zachary Quinto Caught Tumbling With A Walking Steak?


So a demi-Vulcan is walking his dog with his buddies -- a walking steak and a butcher, no big whoop -- and the dog goes after some paparazzi, causing the demi-Vulcan to take a tumble and get very upset. Got it? Now, you could enjoy this clip for what it is -- a delightful bit of impromptu celebrity Dada theater -- or you can be like me, and seek answers:

I've compiled a list of possible reasons this might have happened:

1. Zach just finished shooting a spot for the Beef Council.

2. Zach was trying to make a point by illustrating how paparazzi treat stars like fresh meat. It backfired. (This is one championed in the comments.)

3. The steak is his new security detail, T-Bone. The butcher is owed money by T-Bone.

4. The steak was his lunch, but it accidentally wandered into some gamma rays. The butcher was there to recapture the meat and make lots more money cutting it up into little steaks.

5. That's not a steak! It's Cher!

Got a better answer? Hit me.

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  • Inhaler says:

    Maybe Zachary is doing his part as a celebrity to make a statement about the crisis in Darfur, because that looks a lot like Africa. Africa with Stunna Shades.

  • yarmulke says:

    6. Zach was leading a couple of actor friends to shoot his interpretation of a Beastie Boy's classic in which Sam the Butcher brings Alice the Meat.
    7. Zach is reviving the Fruit of the Looms concept in Advertising.
    8. Meat and Butcher are part of Zach's harrum. Meat, his bottom bitch, is headed off to another client while Butcher stays behind as the Muscle.

  • give the guy a break says:

    at least get the facts straight. The dog did not go after the pap. There is a dog on the other side of that green gate and Quinto's dog lunges to bark at the other dog and catches Quinto off balance and down he went. (it's happened to the best of us Quinto).
    Then.. these video/paps are assholios. They are rude and offensive and they tail this poor guy everyday because he has the nerve to enjoy walking his dog and walking to grab a coffee. Its ridiculous.
    I would imagine ZQ childhood friends wanting to make light of the fact these sleazy paps follow him everyday thought it would be funny to dress up for his daily walk the dog pap parade. But they were so rude and in their face that it proved distracting and Zach went down. Embarrassing.
    And you just rewarded their rude behavior by posting it on your site. Random acts of meanness?

  • CiscoMan says:

    If I had a dream journal, and I wrote this down as the first entry, then it would probably make sense.

  • NoWireHangers says:

    Rub a dub dub,
    Three men walkin' a pup,
    While being stalked by the paparazzi.
    A butcher, Spork,
    And a beef-clad dork,
    Who are we kidding, I'd bone all three.

  • Alan Andrews says:

    Now I understand. The Butcher and the Steak are called "Buddy 'n' Andy". Check it out.

  • leyla says:

    It's definitely a joke, but I think it also has something to do with the fact that he was followed by crazy pappers snapping pics at him walking his dog. Zach rocks, he's the first one who's actually battling paps using his wit and not his fists! Go Zach!

  • stretch65 says:

    The butcher, the barker and the Vulcan pinch maker...?!