Buzz Break: Miley Cyrus Practices Perfect 'Michael Bay Auditioning Pose'


· Director Adam Shankman has come under fire for posting scandalous, chair-humping photos he took of Miley Cyrus on the set of their upcoming movie, The Last Song. Uh, Miley Cyrus dated a smokin', over-age underwear model for like a year. Humping a chair for someone's grainy iPhone photo is practically Christmas card-worthy at this point.

· Harold Ramis is glad he passed on directing the Super Mario Bros. movie. We mourn the loss of a Bill Murray-voiced Bowser.

· Bravo's executive figurehead/adorable plush toy Andy Cohen has wrangled himself a late-night chat show.

· What films will play the Toronto International Film Festival this year? The Playlist makes its best guesses.

· Attention, The CW: Please advertise your upcoming Vampire Diaries with the banner ad featuring a naked MMF threesome. Thanks.