Who Voices Transformers 2's Gold-Toothed Autobot?


TMZ recently obtained a juicy email sent from Michael Bay to Paramount brass in May, when the director was fretting that not enough had been done to promote Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. We agree, as the film's gold-toothed breakout character "Skids" is at least as deserving of a Rolling Stone cover as Jar-Jar Binks once was. After watching Skids tussle with his Autobot brother, declare things like, "I'm gonna bust a cap in yo' ass" and admit that he could not read, we were left wondering who voiced this magical creature. The answer? Surprising!


No, it isn't Anthony Anderson or any of the other black voice actors in the cast. Why, "Skids" is voiced by none other than Spongebob Squarepants himself, Tom Kenny! The 46-year-old actor has prior Transformers experience: he voiced characters like Starscream in the recent Transformers animated series. Put this one on your tombstone, sir.


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