Transformers Wreaks Robotic Mayhem at Foreign Box Office


· Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen rocketed to a massive $19.9 million opening over the weekend in Japan and the U.K. And those countries didn't even have the benefit of Michael Bay-flavored M&M's to lift it to blockbuster status! Surely we can expect a five-day record when the film opens here Wednesday. [The Wrap]

More Transformers, more Paramount fallout, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump...

· With Transformers and G.I. Joe breaking out soon, is Hasbro this year's slightly dumber, doll-obsessed version of 2008's franchise masters Marvel Comics? [NYT]

· That is a question Adam Goodman might be taking a very close look at this morning at Paramount, where he begins his first full day in John Lesher's old job as president of production. [Variety]

· One thing Goodman should consider staying away from, according to Roger Friedman: Anything with Eddie Murphy. Way to analyze, Rog! [Showbiz 411]

· Universal might have its eye on the female version of The Hangover, having picked up writer Stacey Harman's pitch for Business Trip. The film will be about "a group of women who go on a corporate trip but wind up doing anything but business while on company time"; your suggestions are welcome below as to how exactly a Mike Tyson cameo might work seamlessly into this one. [Variety]