The One-Page Screenplay: Michael France's Tips on Suicide Notes


Time once again to don your reading glasses and curl up for another of Movieline's One-Page Screenplays -- the ultimate development solution for our time-management-challenged, eco-friendly times.

Today's celebrity screenwriter is Michael France, writer of Fantastic Four, The Punisher, Hulk, GoldenEye, and middle-era Stallone masterwork, Cliffhanger. He's cooked up a drawing room zombie-horror-mystery we think you'll quite enjoy.

The Official Bio:

Michael France's breakthrough screenplay was his 1991 spec sale for Cliffhanger to Carolco Pictures - the movie was shot within the year and became a worldwide hit in 1993, paving the way for him to reboot the then-dormant James Bond franchise with his script for GoldenEye.

France's string of Marvel adaptations began with Hulk (2003) for Universal Pictures, continued with The Punisher (2004) for Lions Gate, and went further with the blockbuster release of Fantastic Four (2005) for Twentieth Century Fox. France is currently involved in a number of ongoing screen, television and interactive projects, including a feature animation screenplay for Warner Brothers.

He currently lives in Florida with his wife Elizabeth, son Thomas, and twin daughters Annabelle and Carolynn, who are all training to do battle in the coming zombie apocalypse.

The One-Page Screenplay:


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