New Basterds Trailer Features Muggiest Brad Pitt to Date


Your monthly burst of Inglourious Basterds hype is here for June, with the Weinsteins following its Cannes premiere with a shiny, more-linear-than-ever new trailer for the film. There's also more Brad Pitt than you've likely yet seen, and virtually none of the fest's Best Actor prize-winner Christoph Waltz, so let there be no mistaking who is in charge here. And if you wanted a better idea of what Mike Myers is up to in the film, you've got a hint of that as well. Just add a title card exclaiming, "Now with 30 minutes fewer Basterds than Cannes," and this might actually get people excited yet!

Again, if you've followed this site, then you pretty much know what's happening here and likely have your mind made up to see for yourself. Still, Pitt's mugging is fascinating; between Burn After Reading, Benjamin Button and now this, he's reverting to the more mercurial, showy style that was thought lost after Snatch. I'm not sure if I'm totally into it yet, but I really can't wait to see how he pulls off his next, most formidable challenge as the title character of Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life.

VERDICT: Face it: They had you at "big, powerful Jews."