Buzz Break: Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Anna Faris


· Congratulations to Anna Faris, who married Parks & Recreation's Chris Pratt this weekend in Maui (confirming her desire to stand by him no matter his choice in swim trunks).

· Has Benicio del Toro decided to return to the scene of his Scarlett Johansson-sexing crime by accepting a role in Sofia Coppola's Chateau Marmont-set Somewhere?

· Now that they've shot their series finale (set to air in 2011, the actors of Nip/Tuck take time out to lovingly reflect on just how bad the show has become.

· Simon Cowell confesses his realization about Susan Boyle: "Christ, she doesn't know how to deal with not winning."

· #16 on the list of ways to celebrate Meryl Streep's 60th birthday: "Memorize the entire Miranda Priestley 'Cerulean' monologue." Done and done!


  • Furious D says:

    1. There was a guy with Anna Faris in that picture?
    2. Maybe he just wants to relive the good times.
    3. Nip/Tuck became Drip/Suck.
    4. It's getting so you can't build someone up into international stardom, and tear them down without them bitching like a baby about it.
    5. I refuse to speak highly of New Jersey.

  • snickers says:

    Anna Faris could almost fit inside those trunks and no one would notice.