Friday Box Office: Reintroducing Sandra Bullock


In a year when box office analysts have cast doubt on star power (and comrades like Julia Roberts have gone down in flames), one wouldn't necessarily expect Sandra Bullock to bust out her biggest opening ever, but with The Proposal, she did. In fact, she practically beat her prior weekend record ($17.6 million for Premonition, a film we all forgot existed) on Friday alone. Meanwhile, Year One came in at the high end of expectations; with an $8.5 million Friday, at least it's assured of opening better than Land of the Lost, our current flop comedy watermark.

THE PROPOSAL: $12,400,000 (new)

YEAR ONE: $8,500,000 (new)

THE HANGOVER: $8,465,000 ($134,529,000)

UP: $6,100,000 ($208,876,000)

THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3: $3,200,000 ($35,232,000)


STAR TREK: $1,250,000 ($235,994,000)

LAND OF THE LOST: $1,237,000 ($40,934,000)

IMAGINE THAT: $990,000 ($9,241,000)

TERMINATOR SALVATION: $840,000 ($117,283,000)


  • lac says:

    I think Ryan Reynolds was the reason The Proposal did so well not Sandra Bullock. He has made alot of female fans by starring in Yesterday Maybe to XMen to taking his shirt off so many times in magazines.

  • FAN says:

    Remember "INDECENT PROPOSAL" with Demi Moore which was a huge success inspite of being a R-rated sexually enticed drama?
    Using "Proposal" in the title did the trick, don't you think?
    Plus, check out the poster. Doesn't it remind you of PRETTY WOMAN?
    Movie executives know this.. They know that #1 TITLE and #2 POSTER are the two single most important factors in getting audiences to literally buy the movie tickets an march into the cinema.
    Any thoughts?

  • jasonelias says:

    Yikes, look at Land of the Lost way down there. Any room for Will this year at SNL?

  • snickers says:

    People still go to see Sandra Bullock movies?

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