Katherine Heigl Pops Out Of Hole and Sees Shadow, Assuring Another Season of Grey's


When Shonda Rhimes tried to convince the departing T.R. Knight to do a three-episode arc on the next season of Grey's Anatomy, some tingly, Lifetime-watching, ice cream-eating part of my brain felt that somehow augured the news that Katherine Heigl would be staying on the show. Well, guess what?

She is staying, according to EW. Heigl has yet to issue a statement (unlike Knight) but I have high hopes it will be as cagey and provocative as some of her best work. Don't let me down, Kat -- I won't accept anything less than "I will be returning to Grey's Anatomy next season and look forward to an entire year of sending emails to T.R. that begin, 'You won't belieeeeeve what Shonda's making me do.' Also, Ugly Truth! July 24!"

· Katherine Heigl to return to 'Grey's Anatomy' [EW]


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