Forever Ferosh

Take the scenic route through the week that was, when Robert Pattinson cheated death, Paul McCartney flirted with Hollywood, the Ferosh Hulk broke out and Betty White won our hearts (again). It's all after the jump. Have a great weekend!

· Harold Ramis, Jeremy Renner, Proposal screenwriter Pete Chiarelli, doc filmmakers Ondi Timoner and Tanaz Eshaghian, and the one and only Betty White were among this week's scintillating Movieline interviewees.

· Cinevegas came and went with Jon Voight sightings, black-and-white memories, and viewings of James Franco's big gay student film.

· Which are you more excited about: Tony Scott's gang-friendly Warriors remake or Paul McCartney's squirrel musical? Take as long as you'd like to decide.

· Jaws screenwriter Carl Gottlieb contributed this week's One-Page Screenplay, while the latest edition of The Cold Case remembered the lost, lamented classic Screamplay.

· The only way we'll allow Indiana Jones 5 to be made is if it includes a musical number featuring Shia LaBush.

· A few dignified A-listers may have gone their entire careers without making a sequel, but only one has ever revived a Judy Garland number on So You Think You Can Dance.

· Fame, Old Dogs, 2012, Bored to Death, and Michael Moore's untitled new film all received Two-Minute Verdicts. And Antichrist: The Video Game simply received dumb, astonished silence.

· Robert Pattinson almost got killed by a cab driver in New York. But that still doesn't explain that strange look on his face while shooting Remember Me.

· Ryan Reynolds can appear bare-abbed on all the EW covers he wants, but he'll never possess the raw sex appeal of the Ferosh Hulk.