Can Yooou...


· gives Hollywood assistants a handy place to vent about the outrageous things their baby-gobbling bosses subject them to. There's some highly entertaining ones in there: "Today my boss turned off the lights when she left the office even though I'm still in here. It's Friday and she's done this every day this week." [CanYooou]

· "The atmosphere in the theatre (and I'm not exaggerating) was one of terrible suppressed calamity," writes Jeff Wells of LAFF opening gala film Paper Man. It stars Jeff Daniels as a writer in his 50s who's paid visits by an imaginary superhero friend, Captain Excellent (aka Ryan Reynolds). Yeah -- not so much. Every paragraph is quotable, but let's just close our eyes and point to one. Here: "Another good thing would have been if someone (a lesser character, an extra, anyone) had come up behind Keiran Culkin's character, a morose gloom-head who does nothing for the entire film but stare at Stone and profess his love for her, and shot him in the head."

· Newsweek profiles the excellent The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow:

"She is far more interested in talking about the look of her movies: how many cameras she used on The Hurt Locker (four); the way she storyboarded each scene, translating the space from three dimensions to two in her mind; the effort she took to make sure the bomb explosions appeared authentic, and not like what she calls HMEs (industry-speak, she explains, for Hollywood movie explosions)." The wrecking-ball ovaries on that woman!

· Brüno's still prancing around Europe in outrageous outfits (check out the tiny waist on that SBC), but the producers won't confirm or deny those reshoot rümors.


· Pizza Hut will now only be going by "The Hut." Does this mean they'll be expanding their menu to include other foods one might find inside a hut? Like salt-dried cod? And maple syrup? Because that's something I might be interested in: Your one-stop all-hut-foods eatery. Why does "hut" sound weird when you keep saying it? Hut. Hut. Hut. Hut. That's not really a word is it?

· And finally, I leave you with the Twitter of the Week -- ah, hell, of the month! -- by Michael Ian Black: "Got a salad at McDonald's, which is like getting a handshake at a whorehouse."