Can You Beat My Meat?


Hopefully, you have a few Lost or 24 episodes sitting in the DVR hopper, because tonight is a pretty terrible night for television. The most exciting thing we could come up with is a rerun of Iron Chef America that centered around ribeye steaks. There are many promises included in the American dream, one of the most significant being a steady stream of mind-numbing entertainment. America, you never cease to underwhelm us.

Iron Chef [8 PM, Food]

Bobby Flay rarely gets to flex all of his grilling muscles in Kitchen Stadium, but this 2007 episode was all about big beef and grill marks. Bobby faced off against Peter Kelly in this installment, and the marinades and rubs and smoke and testosterone flew wildly.

American Originals: Budweiser [9 PM, CNBC]

It's a pretty sad time to trumpet American companies, but Anheuser-Busch is still going strong. Complete with beauty shots of the St. Louis plant (great tour if you're ever in the Gateway City), this look at Budweiser and its business practices should remind you that there are stable corporations out there, especially companies that provide a way for citizens to forget their problems for a short time.

Larry King Live [9 PM, CNN]

Judging by the large amount of promotion this has received on CNN, the Jonas Brothers are the most anticipated guest evsies! When the Jonas unite for interviews, there is a nice interplay between them, so hopefully Larry doesn't try to divide and conquer. It's not pretty when Joe is backed into a corner.


Jules et Jim [8 PM, TCM]

Turner Classic Movies runs really old westerns and Judy Garland films most of the time, but tonight is a special treat for French New Wave fans. Starting with Jules et Jim at 8 PM, we will see The 400 Blows, The Bride Wore Black, Small Change and The Wild Child before nodding off in the wee hours. If you can stay up that late, Small Change has some of the best child acting ever on film.


  • major disaster says:

    Terrible night for TV?? It saddens me that you seem to be unaware of Burn Notice. At the very least, it's worth it just to see Jeffrey Donovan take his shirt off occasionally.