Buzz Break: Ctrl-Alt-Tracking Shot

· Michael Bay has his keyboards custom-made.

· "so i asked francis ford coppola if he was asked to direct new moon what would he say," Ryan Seacrest Twittered. "well it would be a very polite NO."

· Chace Crawford is still talking about Footloose, a movie he doesn't shoot for another nine months.

· Spencer's apology to Lauren on The Hills was staged, to no one's surprise but Al Roker's.

· Jon and Kate have a special announcement that will hopefully stem their recent ratings drops. Ooh, I know! She's pregnant!


  • Inhaler says:

    Kate candidly reveals, "Bombshell: they're not really our kids! In fact, Jon's really a eunuch and my ovaries are barren as the Mojave! We happened upon those rugrats in an abandoned barn and thought, ya know, TLC might just go for it. I mean you can only have so many shows about midgets right?"
    Jon nods in silent agreement.