Who Wants To Play Twitter's #nicerfilmtitles?


Hey kids! Wanna have some fun? Then head on over to Twitter for #nicerfilmtitles, the trending topic that's all about turning up the happy on your favorite movie names. There's a surprising amount of LOL-worthiness going on over there.

A sampling just from the past few minutes:

@appleinthetree: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Kittens

@MarkFortin: Bake/Off

@amiemoo: Find Bill And Explain To Him That What He Did Was Wrong

@ericspiegelman Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Hot

@marklisanti: Tyler Perry Goes To Jail

@tamji: I Put Flowers On Your Grave

@daveed70: Alien hearts Predator

OK I guess we have to throw one in...So much pressure!

A History of Violins.

BAM! Your turn!