What is Robert Pattinson Saying in New Remember Me Photos?


Robert Pattinson is currently in New York shooting the film Remember Me, photos of which have trickled out this week during production. But Tuesday offered one of the most provocative batches yet, featuring the smoldering young star with a smacked-up face and a few of the more puzzling expressions he's yet committed to film. (And, of course, not a tousled hair out of place.) There must be something deeper I'm not quite reading in the photos after the jump, but as always, your enlightening suggestions are encouraged.

The youthful love story also features Emilie de Ravin (opposite whom Pattinson seems to appear here), Chris Cooper, Lena Olin and Pierce Brosnan, but this may just as easily be an authentic distillation of how R-Patz rolls in NYC -- a casual evening beatdown before heading off to makeup the next morning, plus a moment of reflection with the script supervisor: "They seemed like nice girls, but I just was like, 'Wanna see my Taylor Lautner impression?' And... yeah. Now I know." Anyone got a better idea?

[Photos: WireImage]






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