T.R. Knight Officially Leaves Grey's, Katherine Heigl's Fate Unknown


Michael Ausiello is reporting that T.R. Knight has officially left Grey's Anatomy, which I think we all sort of had an inkling about when, y'know, his character died. But now it's confirmed! Still up in the air is the fate of Katherine Heigl, though Ausiello drops what feels to me like a clue.

Apparently, showrunner Shonda Rhimes had tried to convince Knight to come back for a three-episode arc to start off the next season, despite the fact that his character, George, was so mangled, voiceless, and dead that it would hardly necessitate the actor's presence onscreen. Perhaps Rhimes had meant to have him spread around some survivor guilt in visits to the notoriously ghost-friendly Izzie, indicating that Heigl will be retained by Grey's for at least one more season?

Sure, it's possible that they'll axe Heigl and had meant to have T.R. appear on his own in a series of Ellen Pompeo dream sequences, but that would have been a bit awkward. "Heavenly George, where's Izzie?" "I'm afraid she she is too busy to appear in this episode. Her angels are in the middle of some intense salary negotiations with New Line."

· It's official: T.R. Knight exits 'Grey's Anatomy' [EW]


  • Inhaler says:

    Is this about a TV show or something?

  • wackiland says:

    In honor of the lovely & charming Old No. 7 -
    Should have been you, Heigl

  • julia mattos says:

    The dismissal of George proves that old Hollywood was not so wrong when dictated that gay actors should remain in the closet to preserve their careers. Nothing against being gay but once an actor is established as gay, it becames harder to get good parts. Ruppert Everett is a case in point: he is handsome, a good actor but he just can´t convince us of his manly charms and so he will be forever the best friend of the leading actors and not much else. George was a wonderful part of Grey´s but since it was known that he was gay, they should have made him wake up one day to discover that from now on it would be men, men, men (Like Callie did as part of that ridiculous - to me - lobby that insists that to be lesbian&gay is the thing. Gays will be gays, lesbians will be lesbians and they will be just like everybody else: happy, miserable, lucky in love or not.