Relive the Judy Garland Routine Katie Holmes Will Recreate On So You Think You Can Dance


It turns out the rumors that Katie Holmes will perform on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance are true -- though she won't be getting her stank face on and wearing a rainbow afro for some cutthroat competitive krumping. Us reports that Mrs. Tom Cruise will be performing an homage to Judy Garland's iconic performance of "Get Happy" in 1950's Summer Stock -- nylons, fedora, and all:

Holmes ... dons an all-black ensemble similar to Garland's: black velvet fedora, patent leather heels, nylon stockings, body-hugging skirt and micro-mini skirt.

Part of the set appears to be made from scaffolding, creating the illusion that she's dancing on a rooftop with a sky backdrop. She shares the stage with eight male dancers, who wear matching suits and ties.

During the number, Holmes -- who practiced by lip-syncing to a backing track -- twirls her hair and "seductively shakes her hips," the witness tells Us. For her finish, Holmes tosses her fedora in the air, and one of the guys catches it. She's also lifted over three of the dancers' heads at one point.

Toot toot! All aboard the Hot Tamale Train!

Here's a refresher on what she'll be paying homage to:

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  • Old No.7 says:

    Meanwhile the entire audience will be clicking their heels three times, chanting "Please make it stop... please make it stop..."

  • icallthebigonebitey says:

    Actually Katie and Judy have a lot in common: both child stars, both from the Midwest, and husbands long rumored to be gay. Does this mean Suri might grow up to star in Grease 3 ???

  • Christopher says:

    It's a gift for her husband! How sweet.

  • Inhaler says:

    What a far cry from her days as Joey Potter.

  • Dude, weak. says:

    Why that song? Out of everything Judy did, why pay homage to the most annoying song in the history of musicals?