The Typicals


Pushing Daisies went out with a whimper and so will its quirky partner in crime-fighting, The Unusuals, which ends its short run on ABC tonight. While certain cast members have bright futures ahead of them, it's sad to see another show than mined the depths of human strangeness go by the wayside. Sad, but not surprising.

The Unusuals [10 PM, ABC]

After ten low-rated episodes (there's no reason to believe they'll pull anything huge tonight), this neurotic detective show checks the gate and moves on for the last time. In tonight's series finale, a couple discovers that, unbeknownst to them, someone made a porn in their home. While the mystery of who finished their porridge and sat in their chairs remains unsolved at the end of the episode, they do figure out what went down in the bedroom.

Survive This [8:30 PM, Cartoon Network]

First of all, the Cartoon Network has non-animated programming outside of the adult swim block. Second, this show about non-celebrity teens dealing with wilderness survival situations has might be a solid summer pick. If it's even half as good as the NBC Saturday morning favorite Endurance (Survivior for teens, complete with all the stereotypes of adult reality (gay guy, butch older chick) but in their fledgling stages) then we'll be hoping these kids live through their ordeal.

Extreme Pools [8 PM, Travel]

Spring is almost officially over and summer heat is coming (except in NY where the weather has been pretty depressing), so why not start pretending like you have the money for frivolous domestic purchases? Decadent and strange pools - one filled with beer - are the subject of the latest Extreme special on the Travel Channel. Extreme Bathrooms might be our favorite, but they haven't made Extreme Applebee's yet.


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants [8 PM, HBO]

Here's a plotline breakdown from worst thread to best. America Ferrera moves in with Josh from West Wing for the summer and hates his new Aryan kids. Alexis Bledel goes to Greece and finds out that old feuds die hard. Blake Lively sort of gives it up to a soccer instructor who looks like he could be her cousin and then gets all sad. Amber Tamblyn works at fake Wal-Mart and then meets a little kid who has problems of her own. And then everyone wears the same pair of pants.