EW and Men's Health Swap Ryan Reynolds Covers, Apparently

The new cover of Entertainment Weekly can boast at least three things I historically like: gratuitous beefcake, Ryan Reynolds, and water wings. However, the sum of all these parts is not working for me (and it's not just because the photo looks kind of cheap, or because Reynolds is caught in that odd waystation between "chest hair" and "just shaved to show off my abs, brah").

No, it's something else entirely. And I know this question is awfully strange and kind of double standard-y, but you were thinking it, too, so I'll just ask it: Is Ryan Reynolds a little too built to be a comic actor?

Perhaps the fact that I'm thinking that at all is a testament to the Judd Apatow clan, which managed to barrel through questions of "Is Seth Rogen too schlubby for Katherine Heigl?" with such overwhelming force that now, aided and abetted by countless fat dude/hot wife sitcoms, I'm a little thrown off my game to look at a comedian who won't touch carbs. And yes, it's a hideous double standard, since Hollywood has to sex up actresses before they're allowed to star in comedies (Exhibit A: Anna Faris, who finally broke through when she went blonde and started baring flesh in men's magazines).

Still, though, I feel like our Ryan could probably stand to relax just a little bit. When I see ads for The Proposal where he's wandering around naked, I shouldn't wonder how an overworked assistant finds time to do all those crunches. Can someone get me Jake Gyllenhaal's prosthetics, please? My Wii Fit is collecting dust and I just want to laugh.

· Fastest Way To Washboard Abs: Get On The Entertainment Weekly Cover [Best Week Ever]


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