Crazy David Carradine Cause-of-Death Theory #428: 'Lady Boys'


The speculation surrounding David Carradine's death has cooled considerably in the last week and a half since he was found tied up in Bangkok. Yet while suicide has essentially been ruled out pending the results of the actor's autopsy some time later this month, new suspicions point to just the kind of ultra-dangerous secret society implicated the day after his death. Ninjas they are not, however.

Yet another of Carradine's former producers has emerged with an additional theory to add to the skeevy mix: Lady Boys, classified by no less a legal authority than the Globe as "gender-bending hookers" determined to take advantage of the star. "Lady Boys operate in pairs," David Winters told the tabloid. "David would not have stood a chance. They can be very brutal." But what about motive for murder? A "retired FBI agent" enlisted by the publication suggests it was just a straight robbery gone bad, with the hypothetical Lady Boys in question drugging Carradine and staging his suicide (poorly, it would appear) after everything imploded: "One of the Lady Boys may have stepped behind him, looped a length of rope around Carradine's neck and strangled him." But where did the rope come from? Was it premeditated? So confused!

The latter source also cites a footprint on the hotel bed as prime evidence of foul play; Winters, meanwhile, wants a look at hotel surveillance tapes to see who might have been with Carradine, though he suspects they've probably been doctored already. Good luck with that! No official FBI feedback has yet registered with the Thai investigators, either, who invited the bureau to observe but not touch during their ongoing case. But today? With Lady Boys in the mix? Someone call Washington -- now.

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