Oh, They're Serious About Indiana Jones 5?


We'd heard rumblings that another Indiana Jones sequel might be in the works, but we dismissed them instinctively; after all, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull took nearly twenty years to get off the ground, and it seemed unlikely that another decade or so of George Lucas script vetoes would lead to anything fruitful. And yet, Shia LaBeouf has seemed to indicate otherwise during his UK press tour for Transformers.

According to Slashfilm, "Newsround presenter Lizo Mzimba" cornered LaBeouf about the matter, and the actor said that Steven Spielberg had "cracked" the concept for Indy 5 and would be "gearing that up" soon. Really?

Let me guess: we're getting another trilogy of films, this time with the Harrison Ford/LaBeouf combo. I love it when film actors say they don't want to commit to the five-year contract of a television series, yet take on multiple franchises with sequel mandates.

· Spielberg Has "Cracked the Story" of Indiana Jones 5 [Slashfilm]


  • JudgeFudge says:

    Details on the sequel are scant at this point, but Speilberg confirmed that this time out, Shia will get the ball-thwacking of his short, short, life.

  • Juancho says:

    There's a simple solution for this plot:
    We know about Marion Ravenwood's father Abner and his history with Indy. Well, Mutt needs a grandma, and Marion had to have a mother.
    I hear Betty White's available.

  • johnjones99 says:

    If Spielberg is directing and cracking the next Indiana Jones script I am all for another one.
    I saw the 4th one and was disappointed. I was looking so forward to it so when I saw flying saucers and the nuclear fridge I just couldn't believe why Harrison went for something like that.
    Well lets all hope that Spielberg wants to make the film the way it was done in the past keeping special effects to the minimum and allowing Harrison Ford to reprise his role the only way he knows how to.
    Don't let us down STEVEN!

  • Sure he's serious about Indiana Jones 5. Just like how he's serious in that picture about the Back to School sale at Kohl's.

  • dimo says:

    My only hope for this film is that they set a release date for 2013....and that the Mayan calendar is correct.

  • Inhaler says:

    And with savings up to 40%, who wouldn't be?

  • Snarklepus says:

    I'm pretty excited for this idea. Probably cause I'm one of the only people who actually enjoyed the fourth movie, certainly not as much as the first or third though. I find it amusing when people complain about the aliens in this movie..I mean.. how is that any more ridiculous than a magic face melting box?
    Also, its not like the Indiana Jones movies were untouchable, i mean...did anybody here see the second one? terribad.
    Anyways i think the core problem of the fourth is that it is part of a mythos that not many people recognize like they do with bible stories. They should have picked something that more people were aware of as being a real mystery in the world, rather than something that i'm sure many people had no advanced knowledge or interest in.
    (The swinging through tree's thing was pretty dumb though)

  • John says:

    My rules for an acceptable Indy 5:
    1. NO ALIENS.

  • I would rather castrate myself with an olive fork than sit through another 'Beouf-led asstasstrophe..

  • Rob says:

    "Indiana Jones and the Legend of Jar-Jar La Bouf" ?

  • Luutarha says:

    After they nerfed Indian Jones I'm done. The fourth movie was a joke. Freaking aliens, really?

  • Steave says:

    I would rather castrate myself with an olive fork than sit through another 'Beouf-led asstasstrophe.

  • ShiaLaNOOOOOO says:

    Um, why? Why the HELL are you going to further ruin the franchise?! Indiana Jones (1-3) are some of the greatest in cinematic masterpieces. The fourth is a green screen attempt to recapture and actor and a character's youth by basing it on the lore of the first 3. I swear, if this movie gets made, I will be standing outside the theater with a big INDIANA JONES IS DEAD sign.

  • Dennybot says:

    An acceptable Indy 5? One that has that "Mutt" character dying.
    Can't stand that kid.

  • Mike says:

    Please no. The fourth one was hard enough to sit through and if the next is a Indy meets E.T. then please stop. Steven just go and watch the three Star Wars movies that ruined that franchise before even thinking about another one.

  • Marcus says:

    They can do it, but the bggest problem for me (aside from the fact that Indiana Jones is the kind of film that needs no C.G.I., and should have a very old school kind of color "film" look, instead of shiney clean white digital, which makes everything ook to clean and fake, and takes from the mood)is that the ERA is gone. The last film was 1957. That means the next one would be like 1960...
    By then, well, it's just not the same as the days of China Clippers and Nazi's and Bogart/Gable stuff that helped make the last one great. From the get go, Indy went above and beyond the "saturday morning serial", but still..... you need some of that, that feel of old tatterd maps and lanterns and misty jungles and all that, and by 1960, well, I'm sure you can FIND that stuff, but it's more less the modern age.
    You can toy with that show Indy, still agile, still sharp, still with a good punch, but not fitting in. Having, for instance, to check his gun at a air port. But the cold war is different, and after a certain point, people are going to start notcing that Indy doesn't exactly fit in with the world of Suburban America and "mad men" and Rod Serling.
    Lucas's desire to push it to a more Sci-fi element was a little confusing..... though, not awful, until e made it awful. It's mainly that, now there's all this confusion. Is it Mutt's story, or Indy. The Chinese Cultural Revolution is going on. You could maybe have them open rescueing art from that, or lead into it. But you'd have to be very careful that you didn't have a film way out of it's time.
    Maybe you could almost make it more Cold War, and have Mutt get into some trouble and Indy has to get him out, but I almost like the idea of the C.I.A involved as bad guys more then the Russians. Remember, this IS the Era that JFK was asasinated in. As Harrison Ford says. it would be interesting to see Indiana Jones in the 60's. But you'd have to be careful. Indy is BACK, but now, what do we do with him. He's prooved he's up for the adventure, but we need to have the next film done very very well... with more reality, and frankly, maybe more real violence, like Raiders.... Only in shady Eastern Europe, and all that, as they try and figure out whatever curruption they've woulnd themselves into with whatever artifact they've found.

  • Alice says:

    Err, probably becuase he's not the writer - and fans kept going on and on and on about having another one!

  • Willy says:

    Pfah! With today's tendency to "re-invent" epic legends and simply "reboot" the whole franchise, it wouldn't surprise me if we saw a kind of "Indiana Jones - In the Beginning" type movie in the near future. Maybe -oh horror- Shia AS Indiana!