Leonardo DiCaprio To Piece Together Evening of Online-Casino Debauchery After Waking Up In Trashed Web Browser


· Leonardo DiCaprio is attached to and producing a feature about "the world of online casinos based in Costa Rica," to be written by Oceans 13/The Girlfriend Experience team of Brian Koppelman and David Levien. Costa Rica, it turns out after a little digging, is to online gaming what the Cayman Islands are to shady offshore banking: virtually unregulated. [Variety]

Also in Ink: Natalie Portman's Plie of Terror; Liz Meriwether stirs the Pot, Kristin Chenoweth + Betty White = Cute Overload.

· Ashton Kutcher is "looking to bridge the gap between digital and TV" with his production shingle Katalyst, turning the celebrities-promising-to-do-something-nice-on-the-eve-of-the-election MySpace series I Pledge into a pilot for The CW. I Pledge not to watch. Yes we can! Yes we can! [Variety]


· Paramount bought the pitch Honey Pot from writer Liz Meriwether, who also wrote the script Fuckbuddies, currently in development. (Hey -- if Variety doesn't star it out then why should we?) The plot is being kept secret, but involves two female leads and is set in "the world of international espionage." [Variety]

· Natalie Portman is attached to Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan, a supernatural ballet thriller (again?) that's been languishing in turnaround for several years. Portman would play a dancer who "finds herself locked in a competitive situation with a rival ... with the stakes and twists increasing as the dancers approach a big performance. But it's unclear whether the rival is a supernatural apparition or if the protagonist is simply having delusions." The Turning Point meets Drag Me to Hell. Sold. [THR]

· As Betty White told us yesterday, Disney's You Again is a go, with Kristin Chenoweth and Victor Garber joining a cast that already includes Sigourney Weaver, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Kristen Bell. Bell plays a woman who finds out her brother is marrying the girl who made her life miserable throughout high school, and sets about breaking up the marriage. [THR]


· The NBA Finals was the second-most-watched basketball championships in the past five years, prompting the head of NBC to tweet "I know what ur sayin rt now: 'Ben how my ass taste'" to ABC's Steve McPherson. [THR]


  • JudgeFudge says:

    More than anyone else in Hollywood, Ashton Kutcher is bridging the gap between a variety of media avenues, including new and digital media, to synthezize the ever changing interests of entertainment audiences, media conglomorates, subscriber and internet based platforms, "pay for play" systems, as well as traditional, brick and mortar information and entertainment based businesses, to make sure we all know what a total soggy va-j-j he is.

  • Furious D says:

    1. The title of this film: What Happens In Your Den, Stays In Your Den.
    2. I pledge to not only not watch the show, but to hold up Mr. Kutcher to daily ridicule.
    3. I thought using female agents in espionage was called a "honey trap" and not a "honey pot?"
    4. She needs to drive a big needle thingy into the neck of an invisible witch to wrap that sucker up, and you've got a hit.
    5. The movie needs more Kristins.
    6. At least if gives NBC's head something to tweet about aside from the bitterness of failure.