Who Said Romance Is Alive?


It is debatable whether television is a product of our society or society is a product of television, but either way, The Bachelorette is a disturbing vision of modern love. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from the conduct of Jillian and her suitors, but just remember this: If at first you don't succeed in finding love on a reality show, try, try again on a similar reality show. It's probably your only option left.

The Bachelorette [8 PM, ABC]

It's so hard to decide between I'm a Celebrity...I Hope I Still Have Management After I Get Out of the Jungle and this program, but there is a new wrinkle this week that caught our attention. Last week, Jillian was told by one of the contestants for her heart that some of the other guys have girlfriends back home and are using the program for "hidden agendas." What will be revealed as Jillian and the boys take a trip to Whistler? When the powder settles, two dudes will not receive roses and you will find your current annoying boyfriend much less annoying.

Dateline NBC [10 PM, NBC]

With a repeat triumph at the box office, Vegas is hotter than ever, so it's time Chris Hansen threw some water on it. NBC's cameras follow local cops as they arrest Sin City sinners, including a would-be pimp who falls for the old "first time prostitute" routine. If I had a dollar for every time that happened to me, I would be able to afford a lot more Any'tizers.

Chelsea Lately [11 PM, E!]

Guest: Betty White. Also lost in the late night shuffle and kerfuffle is the beautiful Chelsea Handler, the rarest of television species: The female late night host. With Betty White doing the talk show rounds, we're excited to hear some new, wistful Bea Arthur stories.


24 Hour Party People [8 PM, IFC]

Actors have been breaking the fourth wall since cinema began, but no film of the last 20 years does it as artfully, purposefully and frequently as this rockudramedy about the Manchester scene. Steve Coogan plays Tony Wilson, one of the founders of Factory Records and the witness to the rise and fall of Joy Division, A Certain Ratio and Happy Mondays. Even if you could care less about that musical moment, this film is breezier than most of IFC's programming, and might remind you that 2002 brought us a lot of memorable films with numbers in the title (8 Mile, 25th Hour, 28 Days Later)