Movieline's One-Page Screenplay: Carl Gottlieb's Polaris Bears

It's time for another submission to Movieline's growing One-Page Screenplay library, a dog-eared three-ring-binder rapidly filling up with looseleaf flashes of brilliance by some of Hollywood's most celebrated screenwriters.

Today, we have a legend in our midst. Carl Gottlieb is an actor, screenwriter and author who boasts the screenplays for Jaws and The Jerk among his many credits. Perhaps you've heard of them. In the latter film, Carl also played Iron Balls McGinty -- the lifelong nemesis of Steve Martin's poor black sharecropper's son. (A short tribute to Iron Balls' nefarious ways is here.)

For his One-Page Screenplay, Carl has crafted nothing short of a Jaws for a new generation -- a gripping techno-thriller starring two stealthy natural predators. After the jump: Polaris Bears.

The Official Bio:

Carl Gottlieb came to Hollywood with famed satirical improvisational revue THE COMMITTEE. He wrote the screenplay and acted in JAWS, for Universal Studios, and his additional screen writing credits include THE JERK, with Steve Martin, JAWS 2, WHICH WAY IS UP (starring Richard Pryor), JAWS 3D, and DR. DETROIT with Dan Aykroyd. He co-wrote and directed CAVEMAN, a feature for United Artists, and has been an executive producer, director, and show runner of a few short-lived series while under contract to Universal. He directed a Steve Martin short film, THE ABSENT-MINDED WAITER, nominated for an Academy Award.

As an author, he's appeared on the NY Times and other national best-seller lists. He wrote The Jaws Log, the most popular book about the making of a motion picture ever written, and co-wrote Long Time Gone, The Autobiography of David Crosby, and its sequel, Since Then, How I survived Everything and Lived to Tell About it.

Currently, Gottlieb is working on two original screenplays, PRIVATEERS, a seagoing adventure about modern piracy, and THE STOWAWAYS, with Allison Caine, a musical love story set in Australian vaudeville during the First World War. Gottlieb has taught screenwriting at the Film Division of Columbia University's School of the Arts in New York, AFI (the American Film Institute) in Los Angeles, the University of Miami's School of Communications and the University of Southern California's School of Cinema & Television, and he's taught and lectured at international seminars and conferences. He's an Oscar-voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and was active in the Writers Guild for decades.

The One-Page Screenplay:


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  • battledolphinzero of the Robotard says:

    Fuck. It kinda feels like Carl Gottlieb put something very similar to a smack down.
    That motherfucker can write.

  • It's like he dragged it across not one but BOTH cheeks before he stuck it in our collective mouff.
    I just hope that no harp seals ever read this...

  • Bob Who says:

    First, a man eating shark. Lather. Rinse. Repeat, ad nausea.
    Then, a jerk becomes a man and swims with the sharks; eaten alive.
    Now, pissed off polar bears eat a giant phallus full of sea men.....
    Hey Carl, did the predators eat your nest egg?
    Hes back! And with a vengeance! And Ralph Nader Too!!