NY Audience Wildly Unenthused About Being Roped Into Michael Moore Stunt


In a bid to illustrate...something...Michael Moore sent a whole bunch of out-of-work actors to the Loews theater in Manhattan to record the reaction to the trailer for his new film, which takes on the government bailout. The volunteers had the message "Save Our CEOs" emblazoned on their T-shirts and on tin cans that innocent, trapped moviegoers could donate money into, if they wanted.

This footage...we need to talk about it.

OK, look. Obviously, I don't want this blog to get quoted on redstate.com or wherever, but there's so much manufactured badness here:

· The ADR'd in audience applause, which is clearly not coming from the actual footage of people sitting in the audience, stone-faced.

· The faint, twice looped-in line of someone ordering, "Empty those pockets...or not," which was probably recorded by an Overture intern.

· The fact that the audience's middling reaction is no doubt intended to Mean Something about their thoughts on the government bailout, when it probably has more to do with the fact that they'd really like to watch The Hangover and could someone please dim the house lights?

· And then there's the trailer itself with its stuttery, first-take line readings, which kind of feels like Michael Moore had this whole idea on Thursday and was like, "Go!"

VERDICT: We're bailing.


  • the kid says:

    There was something great about watching a young, poor Michael Moore fight for the little man against the auto industry. But now watching one guy worth tens of millions of dollars chastising some other guys worth tens of millions of dollars, I find it hard to care anymore.

  • yarmulke says:

    Ya he could have waited until he got rid of his cold before shooting that lackluster intro.

  • T Picou says:

    Michael Moore has exploited the same people he claims to be fighting for in order for him to make millions. It's a shame when mindless sheep follow him and pay to see poorly made movies. If he actually believed in what he says he stands for, he would simply recoup the movie costs and donate all profits to charity. Unfortunately, he would rather point fingers at CEOs and presidents while sitting back on his high horse and do nothing for society.

  • SEvans says:

    Michael Moore and for that matter David Letterman . . . their pomposity has eclipsed their humor.

  • Tommie says:

    Wake me when he has finally gone for good..

  • animalese says:

    People love to hate -- if this were a lesser known director there would be celebration all around. The stunt was clever. Period.

  • Amos says:

    I can't believe there are still a few people who fall for Moore's shtick. "OOh, I'm a champion of the little guy!" BULLSHIT. He's a money-grubbing, liar and a propagandist, it sickens me to see people denouncing the spin and half-truths emanating from the GOP then turning around and cheering the likes of Moore. His lies are 'good' lies, see?
    No they are not. There are no good lies, if the truth is really on your side you don't need them.
    He's a fat, dishonest, greedy, self-aggrandizing scumbag. Good to see his star is at last fading into a well-deserved obscurity.

  • james says:

    Don't realize that only Michael Moore and his friends are allowed to be rich? What is the matter with you people?