Michael Bay Really Wants You to Know the Germans Love Him


Michael Bay and his Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen gang hit Berlin on Sunday, where their film enjoyed its latest international premiere. And just in case you thought that Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox were the franchise's official fan magnets, Bay's official site today passed along a video that could very well upset the complex Transformers power balance as we know it. It's after the jump.

You tell me what's best about this video: The silent, workman-like precision with which the Bayster signs autographs? Or perhaps his disappointed smirk when he realizes the woman shrieking down the carpet is saying "Megan," not "Michael"? How about the male voice at the end (presumably the cameraman's) chirping Bay's name in a halting, accented loop? Or maybe it's the fact that someone at MichaelBay.com is actually scouring the YouTube wilds for adulatory new footage of his/her boss. Or is it something else great I'm missing altogether? Suggestions welcome below.

· Michael Bay on the red carpet in Berlin [MichaelBay.com]


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