Buzz Break: H8erade


· Was Aubrey O'Day a diva at the shoot for NOH8, an ad campaign by photographer Adam Bouska that Photoshops every line off your face in exchange for becoming a gay rights ally?

· Megan Fox on Shia LaBeouf's intense preparation for the Transformers sequel: "It was really smart on his part because he was trying to find truth in what was on the page. And if that page isn't good, then it's the actor's job to make it good. So he was doing his job; I was not."

· "If any of you have a project that's titled Everlasting Love With an Adult Stable Male..." said Jennifer Aniston this weekend, in front of people, at a Women in Film gala. Jen, there is a difference between self-parody and becoming a parody of oneself, and you are illustrating it. Courteney Cox, this is happening on your watch!

· On this week's episode of Top Chef Masters, the contestants are forced to cook, Dharma Initiative-style, for the showrunners of Lost. You guys don't even know how excited my mom is about this.

· "Could John Carter Of Mars Turn Out To Be The Twilight Of Sci-Fi Flicks?" asks MTV.


  • Fred says:

    Can MTV whore themselves out to Twilight any harder? Ever story is yo, Kanye, uhhh, what do you think about Twilight?

  • Pamela Strangeways says:

    Dear Megan,
    Here you are in what some people hope is one of the biggest movies of the summer and you are trashing the script before the movie premieres? I'm sure that remake of Fathom will meet your high standards of cinetaic excellence.

  • susiefaye says:

    OK, so Aubrey totally has six fingers in this picture. Freaky.