Stephen Baldwin's House Going Once, Going Twice...


The unsparing mortgage crisis that devastated our economy has sadly touched one of Hollywood's first families. But Stephen Baldwin's loss can be your gain if you act fast: His foreclosed home near New York City is up for auction later this month.

The AP reports that Baldwin's former home in Rockland County is going on the block June 24. The actor/neocon/reality-TV also-ran bought the 1.4 acre estate for $515,000 in 1997, then unsuccessfully attempted to offload the property in 2006. Records show he's upside-down to the tune of $824,000. The starting auction price has yet to be determined, but obviously, owning a piece of Baldwin family history doesn't come cheap. In fact, if proximity is your thing, the man himself might just move in with you for a fraction of the price. Think it over! It's a buyer's market; you've got options.

· Stephen Baldwin's foreclosed home to be auctioned [AP]


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