Smile Big!

A super-busy week at Movieline HQ resulted in some unexpected Seacrest flashbacks, some wholly expected Lambert flash-forwards, a delicious new fauxteur and a slight bit of gender confusion. And that was just the beginning -- reflect with us after the jump.

· Seth and Kyle soaked in the glitz, glamour and glory of the Young Hollywood Awards, where Evan Rachel Wood, Adam Lambert, Catherine Hardwicke, Kellan Lutz, Steve-O and Ed Westwick all paid a visit.

· The ratings war between The Tonight Show and Late Night with David Letterman turned ugly, then uglier, then absolutely Palinesque. To be continued, probably in perpetuity.

· Among those who stopped by to talk to us: ADD-addled filmmaker Tony Scott. Pixar voice mascot John Ratzenberger. Land of the Lost director Brad Silberling. Mona Lisa director Larry Clark. And breakout Tetro star Alden Ehrenreich.

· Are you all set for TV's conversion to digital? What about Michael Bay's conversion to an M&M? Either way, sorry!

· This week's exclusives included the latest on the G.I. Joe meltdown at Paramount, Paul Scheer's field report from the set of Piranha 3-D, and Diablo Cody's stirring entry in our One-Page Screenplay canon.

· We launched the B.A. Baracus Casting Sweepstakes, in which Tyler Perry is lagging in third place. Unacceptable, folks.

· CineVegas welcomed us with open arms. Or at least semi-open arms. Maybe folded arms and a cordial chat? Something like that.

· If and when you're ready to talk to your kids about Chastity Bono's sex-change procedure, we assembled your cheat sheet.

· Shutter Island, It Might Get Loud, and the mindblowing Madoff: Made Off With America all withstood Movieline's Two-Minute Verdict.

· Mickey Rourke came out as Whiplash. And Adam Lambert came out as, well, you know.

· Captain Spork was pretty sexy, but he's no nacho-era Ryan Seacrest.


  • Inhaler says:

    A great and entertaining week c/o Movieline. You guys are becoming heftier than Kirstie Alley, and I love that.

  • Juancho says:

    I think they're becoming heftier than nacho-era Seacrest, which is even more impressive.

  • Old No.7 says:

    This is nacho father's Defamer.
    I'll show myself out, thanks.