Our Commenters of the Week Win a Date With Spork!


Congratulations to all our best commenters this week, as you've won a date with the dashing Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto amalgam Captain Spork (the LAX ticket and bus to Silver Lake, though, will have to come out of your own pocket).

So who are our winners?

JudgeFudge on Up-set Special: Hangover Claims No. 1: Guess its time for Pixar to release the Director's cut of Up, which features the deleted scene where Carl Fredrickson takes a mid afternoon snooze, and Russel grabs his hand and makes him mime whack-off gestures, much to the delight of the talking dog.

SunnyDaze on Palins Turn Willow Into Inexcusable Rape-Joke Punchline: It is wise to keep me away from a bottle of Scotch, but that doesn't imply I will rape it.

Alex on EXCLUSIVE: Is Stephen Sommers Still On G.I. Joe? Yes, Say Sources: "Controlling nature and delusions of Michael Bay grandeur"? This is exactly why I love his appearances in behind-the-scenes featurettes for his films; his enthusiasm for werewolves or whatever is pretty fucking mesmerizing. He's like a bizarro cross between Troy Duffy and a Buffy fanfic writer.

FrancoisTrueFaux on Sarah Palin Continues Late Show Promotional Campaign With Stop At Today Show: I love that she considers her being associated with flight attendants as disparaging to flight attendants.

Benjiboy on First Look at Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2 Suggests Failed Fusion Of Kawasaki And Human: Randy the Ram finally got his new heart.

Great job, everybody!


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