First Look At New Michael Moore Doc Holds Clues to Wall St. Supervillainy

While the first image from Michael Moore's as-yet-untitled documentary about the global financial meltdown may not be met with the same unbridled enthusiasm of, say, a shot from Iron Man 2 featuring Mickey Rourke wandering down a racetrack looking as though he just lost a fight with an ornery snowmobile, it still delivers a mild thrill to see the schlumpy king of agitpop culture back on his feet and doing what he does best: annoying building security personnel.

Inspired as we were by the linking clues embedded deep within the Iron Man 2 images (as discovered by we decided to scrutinize this photo, too. Lo and behold, it paid off bountifully, as a faint reflection in the Goldman Sachs revolving doors betrayed the identity of the one corporate villain whose shady backroom dealings contributed to the collapse an entire free market economy, yet who still manages to walk free while the Bernie Madoffs of this world take the fall.

The answer is after the jump.


· First look: Michael Moore goes after Wall Street in next film [USA Today]


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