Buzz Break: Truly Desperate Housewives


· Ah, not again: It's the inevitable "Why do cougars love Adam Lambert?" story. Before him, the cougars loved David Cook, and before him, Clay Aiken...why? Because middle-aged women watch a lot of Idol, and they're sex predators. We know this already.

· "I have to tread a rather fine line here," warns a Daily Kos commenter, buuuuut basically, Jon Voight is an evil lunatic who argues with vegetables, true story.

· Now we know to whom Gwyneth Paltrow is referring when she asks, "Will someone put some William Joel on the jukebox? Someone? Anyone? Assistant?"

· The cast members of The Hangover have their own ideas about the sequel, and Ed Helms's involves sea horses.

· Nicolas Cage has never hired a voodoo priestess to bless his sets. Yet.


  • Furious D says:

    1. Cougars love a challenge?
    2. Who hasn't argued with vegetables on occasion. Vegetables can be stubborn.
    3. William's nothing, Gwyneth Paltrow insists on calling me Furiosus D. A habit she started when I told her that Gwyneth was ancient Welsh for "pretentious."
    4. You gotta have sea horses. A little tandoori, a few minutes on the grill, and they're quite tasty.
    5. Nicholas Cage is not some weirdo who hires people to do strange stuff for him. He sacrifices his own chickens, and he's proud of it.

  • Inhaler says:

    So that's why Jon Voight kept going to see Eluana Englaro.