SAG's In the Bag


· SAG has voted 78 percent in favor of its brand-new, two-year contract (2011 should be fun!). This has pleased Tony Shalhoub -- and let's face it, that was the point. Less enthused? SAG sadsack Alan Rosenberg, whose desire to hold out for a better deal was crushed. Don't worry, though: He's still going to run for a third term as president. [Variety]

News on Mad Men, Vin Diesel, and Edice Falco, after the jump...

· Director Rob Cohen has opted out of a return engagement with Vin Diesel on XXX: The Return of Xander Cage, instead attaching himself to the McG-produced Medieval. [Variety]

· Borderline interchangeable actors Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Angarano (sorry, guys!) will star in the upcoming comedy Ceremony, but not as brothers, for some reason. [THR]

· AMC's plan to add two more minutes of commercial time to Mad Men went over abooout as well as expected with creator Matthew Weiner, and instead of cutting down his episodes to a brisk 46 minutes, they'll now run two minutes into the 11pm hour. [Variety]

· Nurse Jackie nabbed Showtime's record for the most-watched series premiere ever, and the network responded with a second season order. More little pricks for everyone! [THR]