Rolling Stone Tells You More Than You Want to Know About Adam Lambert's Hetero-Curious Experimentation


Sure, Rolling Stone hasn't made its full Adam Lambert article available online, but would you believe that it's actually out there, on a newsstand? (What are those?) We've taken a look at the whole thing and clipped out all the interesting, never-before-revealed details, which are mostly about Lambert's shocking, shocking bi-curiosity, and Zac Efron's willingness to go to Burning Man.

· On those pictures that surfaced midway through the competition: "I've only dressed in drag three or four times -- and of course, I took pictures, because I looked amazing -- but I don't tuck and wear breasts, that's not me," says Lambert, inducing a fit of panic amongst his supporters as they take to the internet to find out, together, what this "tucking" is. "Sucking my boy's face?" he adds. "Yes, that I will own."

· OR WILL HE. Rolling Stone writer Vanessa Grigoriadis notes, "Even when you know that he's gay, it's hard not to find him physically attractive," and helpfully begins a paragraph with this sentence (spoiler warning): "In high school, Lambert made out with a few girls, and even had oral sex with one during spring break."

· "Lately, you know, there's part of me that's almost bi-curious the other way around," teases the Idol runner-up. "I've made out a few times with girls at nightclubs when I had way too many drinks. I don't know if it would ever happen, but I'm kind of interested. I don't think I would want to do it with a groupie...then again, maybe I'd rather it was with a stranger than someone I knew." Ladies, there is a chance.

· Oh, but this: "I'm trying to get Zac Efron to come to Burning Man. He says he really wants to go!" So that's what they were talking about together on that dinner date. Can something feel surprising yet so inevitable at the same time?

Also, he reveals his hate list, which involves Nickelback, West Hollywood gay guys, and Danny Gokey (implied!). We agree with all of those, so please lay off of us in the comments section, Lambert fans.


  • JudgeFudge says:

    But one burning question remains: Does Adam Lambert have a paunch? Seriously, does he have a spare tire? I could never tell with all the revealing dark colored shirts, scarves, vests, etc.

  • icallthebigonebitey says:

    Kyle, what's the story on Gokey? I'm too lazy to step outside and find a kiosk.

  • icallthebigonebitey says:

    In other news, can I just say I consider it a *travesty* that Movieline did not make The Advocate's Top 15 Gay(ish) Blogs list. Lots of big 'mo commenters (plus No Wire Hangers who's like a gay man trapped in a str8 woman's body), gay editors (uh oh, did i just pull an Outrage ?), and all those Adam Lambert posts! What more do they want??
    This will not stand.

  • Brilliant Orange says:

    Yesterday's comments made your day, Kyle, and you know it, you scamp.
    He hates Nickelback? All is forgiven.

  • NoWireHangers says:

    I would CUT.A.BITCH to go to Burning Man with Efron and Lambert. The nudity, the Dourdaning, the hallucinations. CUT.A.BITCH. I'd also settle for Coachella.

  • Kyle Buchanan says:

    Why thank you! You'll note, though, that Gawker made the list. Enjoy that little bit of knowledge.

  • NoWireHangers says:

    Yes, my Sasha Fierce is basically Divine.

  • icallthebigonebitey says:

    Oh honey, I'd be so happy if you'd turn nellie. The world of heterosexuals is a sick and boring life.

  • Seth Abramovitch says:

    Maybe there's some way no one has to get injured, and we all can play!

  • Juancho says:

    I'd like to thank all my gays (and from the Defamer days), it's always been a welcoming (and much more tastefully decorated) atmosphere here for us straights in the commenting minority.

  •!?! says:

    with zaquisha's insane teenage followers, it'll be the last nail in the coffin for Burning Man. thanks a lot lambert!!!

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Mommy, why is that snake going to bite that lady in her wee-wee?

  • Inhaler says:

    If he really is curious to try it with a girl just once, Sanjaya should be back from I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! any day now.

  • NoWireHangers says:

    Oh come on, where's the fun in that?