'Punch Him! Kick Him!' Bernie Madoff Cult Classic Taking Shape


I have no idea how this clip hid so well online since late April, especially after its YouTube predecessor found traction in the initial outrage around Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff. But there it is, awaiting a special extended edition of Movieline's Two-Minute Verdict: This vivid dream sequence from the forthcoming drama Madoff: Made Off with America, which may make the enduringly cryptic After Last Season look like Kubrick in comparison.

And thanks today to NY Post critic Lou Lumenick, we have a new press release offering a little deeper insight into the producers' method, madness and Madoff (and heavy on the sic):

Madoff Role Casted for Feature Film Madoff, Made Off With America

June 8, 2009 -- Dramatic Feature film Madoff, Made Off With America's Executive Producer, Edmund Druilhet, announces that he has cast the roles of Bernie Madoff (Paul Cohen) and Ruth Madoff (Jude Green) (Ruth Link) A Real Life Warrior/who was married to her own CEO Character in real life Lenard Green who Was Investigated by FBI, IRS SEC etc.

Druilhet along with Actors Paul Cole, Jude Greeen and Sharon Lisauer are available for media interviews in Manhattan NY. Lisauer (Add what she modeled) is also cast to play a roll in the film which is amazing since she will finally be able to make money off of madoff who wiped the Proffesional model out completely.

Really, though, the work below speaks for itself. Someone get this filmmaker his own M&M flavor.


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