Murder, He Wrought


Hollywood has given us many things: great films, legendary actors, brilliant directors, but it's the tragic and shocking crimes that keep America coming back for more. Nothing makes headlines like a star or starlet's demise, and there's nothing easier to cut together than a retrospective of Hollywood murders. If you're feeling bad about your life, take solace in the fact that you haven't been horribly mutilated.

20 Most Horrifying Hollywood Murders [8 PM, E!]

This two-hour tour de force is three years old, so we doubt an editor jumped on the Avid and deleted the John Lennon segment and dropped in a Phil Spector piece. But despite a bit of dust on the reel, this is way better than an NCIS rerun. Ah, summer.

I Didn't Know I was Pregnant [9 PM, Discovery Health]

This probably started as a one-time special, but Discovery Health has capitalized on America's fascination with woman who for (hopefully) bizarre reasons don't realize they are knocked up. Tonight, a woman freaks out when she goes into labor while relaxing in the tub. The future of docudrama reenactments has never been brighter.

Late Show With David Letterman [11:35 PM, CBS]

Guests: Julia Roberts, Black Eyed Peas. After last night's stellar Bruce Willis bit, and a salvo from Howard Stern, look for Letterman to keep the momentum going. Julia Roberts was last on the Late Show three months ago, so let's hope some crazy things happened in the last few months. Something else to watch is Conan's guest schedule. Now that he is in Los Angeles and can get A-list guests at the last minute, the musical chairs of late night guest booking will be played.


True Lies [8 PM, AMC]

When Mad Magazine parodied this film, they (rightfully) took the film to task for the dowdy housewife to sex goddess transformation that Jamie Lee Curtis pulls off (though, she did win a Golden Globe for the role). But as I remember, they went easy on Tom Arnold, who steals as much of the show as he can from Arnold Schwarzenegger. A twisty story of double lives and espionage with lots of marriage jokes, the craziest thing about this film is that a nuclear warhead is detonated, the couple kisses, and then there's more movie and a Harrier jet. This film cost somewhere in the low 9-figures to make, and it was worth every penny.


  • yarmulke says:

    I miss hot Jamie Lee Curtis. I try to avoid the Activia commercials because, in my mind, Jamie Lee never makes smelly brown stuff down there. Every so often i dust off my copy of Trading Places to see her for the hot hooker I always imagine she is...Ahhhhh dreams.

  • hollywoodjeffy says:

    Do not doubt for a second that an editor jumped on that avid. I happen to work for E! and know that those shows are constantly being recut so that they can be rerun until the end of time.

  • stretch65 says:

    WTG Activa Lady!!!

  • Inhaler says:

    All that and she's a hermaphrodite!