Guitar Hero Three: The It Might Get Loud Trailer

It Might Get Loud is the latest doc from An Inconvenient Truth director Davis Guggenheim, but make no mistake -- there will be no Bill Clinton in Wayfarers giving a 90-minute, sax-assisted PowerPoint presentation on the dire state of The Blues. Instead, Guggenheim invites three of the greatest rock gods of their generations to discuss a shared love of the electric guitar. The members of this summit: Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, whose creamy, Far Eastern-inflected melodies provided a magic carpet atop which Robert Plant's vocals could truly soar; U2's The Edge, whose rapid-fire licks had an aura of timelessness and portent to them, as if calling a lost generation to battle; and The White Stripes' Jack White, who, like the upholsterer he once was, is skilled at stripping down the best techniques from both these virtuosos, adding a spring of Detroit dance-punk, and in doing so creating a whole new suite of rock n' roll furniture, each piece as comfortable and familiar as your favorite chair.

Here's the Loud trailer, which suggests what it might feel like to kick back in a pub with these greats, these men, laboring way down in the depths of the rock n' roll engine rooms, firing the ovens that propelled some of the most stirring anthems of our time.

The Two-Minute Verdict: Every single one's got a story to tell.