Up-set Special: Hangover Claims No. 1


After some minor backsliding from first place on Friday, The Hangover was believed to have trailed Up by the narrowest of margins at the top of the weekend box office. Warner Bros. took another look at its $40-million-plus stack of cash overnight, however, concluding that it had indeed eclipsed Pixar when the final figures came in. Shocker!

According to a report this morning in _Variety _, Warners was off by nearly $1.7 miilion from its original estimate, climbing over Up's $44.4 million. Actual figures fluctuate all the time compared to their estimates, but it's exceedingly rare for the first- and second-place finishers to swap places after Sunday's numbers trickle in; the variations are generally under a million dollars, and the gaps are often too wide for such a relatively minor shift to alter the landscape.

Add The Hangover's R-rating to the scenario, and you've got an even bigger coup on hand: Behind Sex and the City and American Pie 2, it's the third-best opening for an R-rated film. So, I guess, if you haven't yet, feel free to sauce up your 25-word sequel logline. These people get paid get by the F-bomb.

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  • JudgeFudge says:

    Guess its time for Pixar to release the Director's cut of Up, which features the deleted scene where Carl Fredrickson takes a mid afternoon snooze, and Russel grabs his hand and makes him mime whack-off gestures, much to the delight of the talking dog.